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Mapecon Green Charcoal Phils, Inc

Mapecon Green faces today's challenges through advocacies for the environment and sustainable solutions for renewable energy. Mapecon Green is at the forefront of research and development in the fields of green energy, organic farm inputs, solid waste management, botanical and natural pest control solutions, and clean air and water.

Green Charcoal Hydrogen

The Cleanest Fuel in the World

Inventor Gonzalo Catan, Jr acquired the facility located in Alaminos, Laguna in 1990 for research and development, most especially to improve his award winning patent, Green Charcoal, from which the company name is derived. An abandoned activated carbon plant due to the energy crisis several decades ago, the kiln consumed 6,000 liters of bunker fuel a day. This was very costly, not to mention the smoke emissions produced by fossil fuel. Filipino ingenuity rose to the occasion and Inventor Jun Catan transformed the fuel source of the kiln to a gasifier, and after a few years, to a superheater steam boiler. Today, four energy generations later, this activated carbon kiln could very well be the only one in the world fueled by Hydrogen, producing the cleanest and highest quality activated carbon used for air & water filters, as well as for various pharmaceutical products.

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